Dochiarou Monastery, Greece | 1987

When: February 20, 1987
From: Dochiarou Monastery, Greece
To: Thessaloniki, Greece
Found: Thessaloniki, Greece
Language: English
Text: Dear Joseph, my letter I wrote to you 3 weeks ago didn’t  arrive I guess. I hope this is the right address since I gave it to my mother and Grandmother to write to! I will be coming to Thessaloniki probably in a week to try ato find an apartment. I have a couple people asking for me, including Father Thanasy at St Haralambos church. I’ll stay there 2-3 days to see if I can find anything (I’ll call Ioanni Reizis too. Do you know him?) I’ll check University bulletin boards too. If I have no luck, I’ll return to Athos, I guess to wait and try again. You mentioned that Father Savas could teach me koine Greek – what would he charge  per hour if I took lessons 3-4 times per week? Would he want to do this? If you hear of anyone needing a roomate (or the church dormitories?) let me know when I come! I’ll try to get permission to stay at the kanaki in Thess. for a few days. I’ll feel better when I’m settled in finally! Thanks Joseph, Daniel
Note: This card was found on a recent trip to Greece. I was visiting my dear friends Josef and Euphrosini, who recently moved to Thessoloniki.
I was looking at postcards and this one caught my eye, simply because I could read it, unlike the other ones. I said the recipients name outloud and Josef immediately snatched the card from my hands.
It turns out that Josef knows Joseph Chaffee, a local priest. In fact, father Chaffee helped him and Euphrosini find a place to live when they first arrived in Greece.
Josef, bought this postcard and is going to return it to it’s former owner.

Prague, Czechoslovakia | 1983

When: January 27, 1983
From: Prague, Czechoslovakia
To: Tübingen, Germany
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: “We landed fine in Prague. Our first wander through the streets is behind us. But it was a little dreary. Our hotel is super nice! In the morning, our trip is really going to start!”
Note: I like this card simply because it was sent from the last place I lived to the current place I live.
I am not a native speaker of German, so if you have a better translation, let me know.