Edinburgh, Scotland | 1948

When: July 14th, 1948

From: Edinburgh, Scotland
To: Glasgow, Scotland
Found: Edinburgh, Scotland
Language: English
c/o S.C.I. AssembyRooms, George Street
Edinburgh, 2. 14-7-48
Cool but pleasant morning – more promising than yesterday. Did not attend Garden Party yesterday – v. wet – but visited Univ. and Prof R. N. Arnold, with whom I spent an hour or so. We shall meet again on Fri. Then went to Rev. D. M. Chalmers – saw this church, + spent v. nice eve. there. Cousin D. appears to be on holiday. Today visit to Roslin-Peebles. Hope it will keep dry. Hope to return Ration Book tomorrow. Am finishing P. C. in bus at 2 p.m. prior to trip starting. Have thoroughly enjoyed today – dry and sunny – though not warm. May post this in Peebles! Find address from Sir John Anderson today. Must close now.
Note: This card, with it’s very tidy handwriting, is just a boring update of a man visiting Edinburgh.
Harry visited a Prof. R.N. Arnold, who was an engineering Professor at the University of Edinburgh.
He also possibly attended an address from Sir John Anderson.

Edinburgh, Scotland | 1908

When: August 30th, 1908

From: Edinburgh / Glasgow, Scotland
To: Ontario, Canada
Found: Edinburgh, Scotland
Language: English
Darling –,
We are hoping to hear again from you soon. Thank you very much for you last cheery letter. We had a lovely holiday touring all over N. Wales. It really is a charming district. Made nice friends at the hotel. Min starts school again this week. Nell comes home from Sklereggan tomorrow Cha —- two weeks ago thought has being going back and forward. The weather is beginning to break up a bit though now. Trade is terrible here. Not a ship being built. If things don’t alter, it will be a bad winter indeed. I am pleased to say we don’t suffer, but it is terrible to see so much poverty. Hope you are well,
Love from Win.

Edinburgh, Scotland | 1944

When: July 26th, 1944
From: Edinburgh, Scotland
To: Glasgow, Scotland
Found: Edinburgh, Scotland
Language: English
Just sitting down at the pond and the ducks are at our feet wanting something to eat. It is 10 o’clock and the sun is shining. Weather is lovely. Hope Mrs. Taylor gets home and is keeping well.
From Mrs. Anderson
Note: I found this postcard cute. Just a simple summer day which I could imagine as an Instagram story in modern times.

Dochiarou Monastery, Greece | 1987

When: February 20, 1987
From: Dochiarou Monastery, Greece
To: Thessaloniki, Greece
Found: Thessaloniki, Greece
Language: English
Text: Dear Joseph, my letter I wrote to you 3 weeks ago didn’t  arrive I guess. I hope this is the right address since I gave it to my mother and Grandmother to write to! I will be coming to Thessaloniki probably in a week to try ato find an apartment. I have a couple people asking for me, including Father Thanasy at St Haralambos church. I’ll stay there 2-3 days to see if I can find anything (I’ll call Ioanni Reizis too. Do you know him?) I’ll check University bulletin boards too. If I have no luck, I’ll return to Athos, I guess to wait and try again. You mentioned that Father Savas could teach me koine Greek – what would he charge  per hour if I took lessons 3-4 times per week? Would he want to do this? If you hear of anyone needing a roomate (or the church dormitories?) let me know when I come! I’ll try to get permission to stay at the kanaki in Thess. for a few days. I’ll feel better when I’m settled in finally! Thanks Joseph, Daniel
Note: This card was found on a recent trip to Greece. I was visiting my dear friends Josef and Euphrosini, who recently moved to Thessoloniki.
I was looking at postcards and this one caught my eye, simply because I could read it, unlike the other ones. I said the recipients name outloud and Josef immediately snatched the card from my hands.
It turns out that Josef knows Joseph Chaffee, a local priest. In fact, father Chaffee helped him and Euphrosini find a place to live when they first arrived in Greece.
Josef, bought this postcard and is going to return it to it’s former owner.

Alto Adige, Italy | 1937

When: August 8, 1937
From: Alto Adige, Italy
To: Messkirch in Baden
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: “Dear Irmgard. Here is a card from Italy to tell you that we are having a fine time. The scenery and weather are lovely. We will see you at Lindau on the bridge at 1 p.m. on Friday 13th of August. Yours truly Louis.”
Note: I previously posted a card from Louis to Irmgard, but this one is a bit earlier:

Milano, Italy | 1939

When: August 2, 1939
From: Milano, Italy
To: Weingarten, Germany
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: “Dearest Irmgard! Everything is lovely here and we are go to see the sites of Milano. We will arrive at Isny Tuesday evening. I will try to com direct to Weingarten Tuesday at about 5 pm to arrange with you. We will stay at Isny Tues and Wednesday nights and come to Ravensburg Thursday. Please write to Deutsch Haus. Louis.”
Note: I haven’t been to Milano, but I thought this was interesting because it is a dialogue between friends, internationally, just before the start of WW2. I wonder what happened to this friendship within a month of this card being sent.