Brooklyn, New York USA | 1970

When: August 2, 1970
From: Brooklyn, New York USA
To: Nürnberg, Germany
Found: Thessaloniki, Greece
Language: Greek
Text: Many greetings from really hot New York!
Note: I hope this person had a good time in New York during the 70’s, even they were melting in the big apple’s humid August sun.
Thanks to Josef and Euphrosini Candelario and Savvas Chatzipanagiotidis for the translation help!

Athens, Greece | 1992

When: April 17, 1992
From: Athens, Greece
To: Piraeus, Greece
Found: Thessaloniki, Greece
Language: Greek
Text: This is from my day trip to the Akropoli. This is the south side. Look at how beautiful it is! Look at the houses on the right which are (illegible).
Thanks to Josef and Euphrosini Candelario for the translation help. They are not native Greek speakers, so if you have a better translation, let me know.

New York, USA | 1977

When: January 24, 1977
From: New York, USA
To: Sarajevo, Yugoslavija
Found:Sarajevo, Yugoslavija
Language: Bosnian
Text: Mrs. Melco and Boss Diko,
Dusko fondly remembers you and sends his regards. Boss (Mrs. Melco), you have spoken truely that it is beautiful here and before one sees it, he doesn’t know what is beatiful because he has never seen it before. Boss (Diko), how is the sport forecast? Please visit my dad. Your friend Dusko sends his regards.
Note: I picked up this card in Sarajevo and it is super  strange. The sender of this card, Dusko, speaks of himself in the third person. My friend Marco who helped me translate it (a native Serbian speaker) had a lot of trouble reading it and said that he was either a non native speaker or just really strange.
At the end he asks about the “sport forecast”. Marco said that it is a very popular funny Balkan thing to have entire TV shows devoted to “forecasting” what the results of sports will be. It may or may not have something to do with betting on matches :).
 Thanks to Marko Lozajic for the translation help!

Dochiarou Monastery, Greece | 1987

When: February 20, 1987
From: Dochiarou Monastery, Greece
To: Thessaloniki, Greece
Found: Thessaloniki, Greece
Language: English
Text: Dear Joseph, my letter I wrote to you 3 weeks ago didn’t  arrive I guess. I hope this is the right address since I gave it to my mother and Grandmother to write to! I will be coming to Thessaloniki probably in a week to try ato find an apartment. I have a couple people asking for me, including Father Thanasy at St Haralambos church. I’ll stay there 2-3 days to see if I can find anything (I’ll call Ioanni Reizis too. Do you know him?) I’ll check University bulletin boards too. If I have no luck, I’ll return to Athos, I guess to wait and try again. You mentioned that Father Savas could teach me koine Greek – what would he charge  per hour if I took lessons 3-4 times per week? Would he want to do this? If you hear of anyone needing a roomate (or the church dormitories?) let me know when I come! I’ll try to get permission to stay at the kanaki in Thess. for a few days. I’ll feel better when I’m settled in finally! Thanks Joseph, Daniel
Note: This card was found on a recent trip to Greece. I was visiting my dear friends Josef and Euphrosini, who recently moved to Thessoloniki.
I was looking at postcards and this one caught my eye, simply because I could read it, unlike the other ones. I said the recipients name outloud and Josef immediately snatched the card from my hands.
It turns out that Josef knows Joseph Chaffee, a local priest. In fact, father Chaffee helped him and Euphrosini find a place to live when they first arrived in Greece.
Josef, bought this postcard and is going to return it to it’s former owner.

Salzburg, Austria | 1935


When: August 6, 1935
From: Salzburg, Austria
To: Germany!
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Language: German
Text: I am sending you the best greetings from Salzburg. I bought this card in Berchtesgaden yesterday. Your loved Dr. Reigersberg.
Note: If you ever get the chance to go to Salzburg, go. It is fantastic. People have been apreciating it’s beauty for a long time.
I am not a native German speaker, so if you have a better translation, let me know.

Cleveland, Ohio USA | 1965

When: February 10, 1965
From: Clevland, Ohio USA
To: Krakow, Poland
Found: Krakow, Poland
Language: Polish
Text: Dear Jacek,
This card depicts the view from under that same bridge that was visible on the last card. From all directions, you can see that tall building, in which you can find nice offices, and under which the train station is located. Have you received all the postcards that I sent you? When I get back, I’ll tell you more.
Kisses to you and Mommy,
Steadfastly yours,
Note: Thanks to my friend Sam for bringing this one to me and translating it! Just a normal trip to Ohio. I like that this father is telling his kid about the nice offices. How exciting! 😀
Sam is not a native Polish speaker, so if you have a better translation, let me know.

Vienna, Austria | 1941


When: June 30, 1941
From: Vienna, Austria
To: Stuttgart, Germany
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: Dear Tini,
I arrived in Vienna at 3 o’clock today. Early tomorrow, around 10:25, I am continuing on to Budapest. Vienna is a beautiful city, but in spite of that, I can never forget Stuttgart. I’ll be thinking of you as I continue on tomorrow.
Sweet kisses,
Note: Even during war, international love was in the air. Viktor is not a soldier (there would be a feldpost stamp, so I wonder what he was doing during the middle of WW2. Due to several spelling and grammatical errors, I assume that Viktor was Hungarian and not a native German speaker.
I am not a native German speaker, so if you have a better translation, let me know.