Vienna, Austria | 1942

When: 1942
From: Vienna, Austria
To: Stuttgart, Germany
Language: German
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: “Dear Irmgard,  our group got a three day holiday and we’re spending it in Vienna. Unfortunately, all the theaters, operas, etc were sold out. But, in spite of that, there’s still a lot of see. Vienna is really quite beautiful, but quite expensive. I’ll write you again soon. That’s all for today, Erich”
Translation help from Bella Boga and Sarah Binder
Note: The Feldpoststempel is what caught my eye. This was sent from a German soldier who was in Vienna. He did what any young, self respecting nazi lance corporal would do with time off, he went sight seeing! The Votivkirche, as seen on the front of this card, was damaged during the war.
I tried to find out what happened to the sender of this card, Erich Spohn. If my googling was correct, it looks like he survived the war, got married, had some kids, and just recently passed away in January.
This one was sent to Irmgard, who we saw in this post here which was before the war.

Budapest, Hungary | 1972

When: 1972
From: Budapest, Hungary
To: Reutlingen, Germany
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: “Dear Brigette! It’s beautiful here and we arrived just fine. Yesterday, we went on a city tour and then spent the evening partying. Today, we are going to Esztergom. There’s a beautiful nature park there. Oh, and thanks for your card from Kamten(?).”
Note: I found a lot of cards from this person to her friend Brigette. It looks like they traveled a lot and really enjoyed sending each other postcards. It will be fun to see this friendship develop, even though it is one sided.
I included a picture I took of the same bridge on the card. It looks the same except for the cars!
I am not a native speaker of German, so if you have a better translation, let me know.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands | 1924

When: August 2, 1924
From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
To: Bopfingen, Germany
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: n/a
Note: Amsterdam is a great city to visit. This one does not have a lot of text on it, and the text it has, I can’t really read. The picture on this card is from the Leliegracht, right around the corner from the house which would be occupied by the Franks in just a couple years.
Also, it looks like the sender stayed at the Victoria Hotel Amsterdam, which was pretty fancy place to stay, and is still there to this day.

Milano, Italy | 1939

When: August 2, 1939
From: Milano, Italy
To: Weingarten, Germany
Found: Tübingen, Germany
Text: “Dearest Irmgard! Everything is lovely here and we are go to see the sites of Milano. We will arrive at Isny Tuesday evening. I will try to com direct to Weingarten Tuesday at about 5 pm to arrange with you. We will stay at Isny Tues and Wednesday nights and come to Ravensburg Thursday. Please write to Deutsch Haus. Louis.”
Note: I haven’t been to Milano, but I thought this was interesting because it is a dialogue between friends, internationally, just before the start of WW2. I wonder what happened to this friendship within a month of this card being sent.

Karlovy Vary / Karlsbad, Czechoslovakia | 1950

When: July 19th, 1950?

From: Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia
To: Prague 2, Czechoslovakia
Found: Prague, Czech Republic
Text: “Dears, If the weather is nice on Sunday morning, I’ll go to Prague on a scooter. If our Ala wants to and isn’t afraid to come to Karlovy Vary with me on a scooter, write me back shortly. Maro could take a train. Also, please write us what time you’ll arrive back on Saturday, ok? So long and look forward to seeing you.”
Better translation provided by Niki Brisova
Note: Karlsbad is a beautiful town. What I love about this postcard is how normal the conversation is. It’s an antique text message!
I included a picture from the first time I was in Karlovy Vary. I am in the picture, but you can only see my back. It does look much more different today than it does in this card.
I am not a native Czech speaker, so if you have a better translation, let me know.

Post Recollection

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My name is Ryan and am currently living in Tübingen, Germany.

In my free time I like to find old postcards that have something of interest on them. I resend them to friends and family with a short story about where it was from, where it was going, and what the original sender wanted to say. They are a great window to the past and I think others might enjoy them too.